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Go Green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ashley Tobar

The Signal Staff

A new organization at the University of Houston-Clear Lake is an environmental friendly association appropriately called the Green Team. The Green Team’s goal is to recycle all plastics, aluminums and papers on campus.

Sue Halamicek, senior secretary for UHCL’s environmental institute of Houston and recycling coordinator, explained that the UHCL Green Team is comprised of 35 concerned staff, faculty and administration members who just want to do the right thing with recycling.

“We will be sending out a survey to everyone to find out their recycling habits and, if they had a choice of throwing plastics, aluminum, etc. in the proper container so that it would be disposed of properly, would they, so that it does not end up in the landfill,” Halamicek said. “Our goal is to provide the proper containers for everyone.”

The Green Team and its goals originated with UHCL alumnus Ryan O’Connor, who encouraged the conscious efforts to provide the university with proper stations in which to dispose of recyclable materials.

“O’Connor did his thesis project on plastic recycling here at UHCL in the Bayou Building and presented his findings to the University Facilities Support Services Committee,” Halamicek said. “The committee adopted a resolution to move forward to start the Green Team to help promote making UHCL a greener campus. We want to educate our UHCL family about what can be recycled and what cannot.”

“We are currently working on an agreement with Allied Waste Republic Services to provide UHCL with the recycle containers and pick up services,” said Derrell Means, facilities management and construction: director ground/custodial.  “With the start up of this program, one will no longer be required to search for a specific recycle container such a plastic only, aluminum only or paper only. The three recyclables can be mixed in any one container without having to be sorted.”

The UHCL Green Team is hosting an event, Texas Recycles Day, which is normally celebrated Nov. 15.  Because Nov. 15 falls on a Sunday, the Green Team is making plans to celebrate Nov. 16.

“We look forward to working with the university community in supporting our recycling cause,” Means said.

Halamicek summarized that among other activities and information, the Green Team hopes to make students aware of the possible change in recycling stations around the university. Recycling containers around campus will soon be altered to allow various types of recyclables, making it easier for students to do their part.

To find out more about the how to join the Green Team, what you can do to help, or simply more about recycling services at UHCL, contact Sue Halamicek at 281-283-3948 or [email protected]