Hi Guys,

This particular strip features the mercurial archetype of the main character set, the chubby red rabbit named Winston.  Winston takes nothing seriously and is always ready with a smart-alec comment or witty insult.  He used to be an athlete in his younger days but gave up running to make “more moolah.” All of his natural, wonderful speed has traveled from his feet to his mouth.  He is the lead salesmen of the group and enjoys nothing more than giving everyone around him a hard time. 

That’s all for now, more Bios to come.  Be on the look out for a special Halloween strip (it is my favorite season). 

Be Safe,


PS- Who is your favorite monster?


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2 Responses to Negativity

  1. Johnathan! Thanks, Bro!The Wolfman has always been one of my favorites too. As a kid, I loved Frankenstein.

  2. Great job! Kal. And my favorite is the wolfman. Peace.