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Contributed by: Johanna Go, accounting major


For all the moments that passed by the more you need to write. Write about the overflowing sensation the first time you finished your 1km lap. The loud drumbeat in your ear and racing heart beat. List down the upbeat playlist you always listen to during road trips. Clutching the wheel while singing the words to “Where is the Love?” Write about the celebrations you had with family and friends, long conversations and laughter over a couple bottle of beers. Write about the last time you embarrassingly got drunk and hid under a chair. Take note the words of a stranger you met in the park. His brief advice, “Don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world.” Write about the night your feet were soaking wet from the rain. Or the time you were waiting for a ride back home. Write about the time you felt alone the most. Losing yourself from the books you finally had time to read. Quote the words the writers write. Expose the realities of the world through writing. Shatter the walls built by the media to conceal the Truth. Write about the words that bleed for Justice. Write even though it seems pointless. Document the erratic thoughts you’ve wanted to grasp. The time you can’t sleep until 3AM, when your mind is working endlessly from midnight musings. Write during the time you struggled with Writer’s block. Burning the hours staring at the blinking line. Kill the Protagonist in your story. Find the lost girl in the woods. Slay the dragon in the city. Write a cliffhanger. Write about your first love that made your heart lose its rhythm. Write about heartbreak and the people who meant to break your heart. Forgive them. “There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in.”2 Write about the time you felt the universe is in your favor. We all have a place under the sun. Write when you felt the world is against you. How it made you stronger and persistent to stand up again. Crumple the last draft. Throw the inkless nib unto the wall. Write, just write.


From “In Transient: A Traveler’s Journal”