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UHCL celebrates Black History Month

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Terence Crutcher, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Donald Trump; what do these names mean to you? For some people, these names bring fear and uncertainty for the future. Annette Collins, communication major, explains why she thinks the Black History Month events are important this year.

“There are people who have real fears,” Collins said. “And that fear is real. I think [the events] are very important this year.”

Andrea Baldwin, lecturer in communication, also agrees that it is important to hold these events this year.

“It has always been my philosophy to create a safe environment for all students,” Baldwin said. “With some of the recent political events, some of that [safe environments] are under fire and, regardless of your political views, whatever happens affects everyone in some way or another.”

UHCL is providing support by hosting different events during Black History Month.

“As we were collaborating with Erika [Garcia, coordinator of intercultural student programming] we thought ‘let’s not make it like an eighth-grade Black History Month’,” Collins said. “It’s time for a new wave of resistance to bring people together to actually get things done.”

Every Wednesday in February until March 8, Counseling Services will hold the event, Circle of Sisters. The event will take place in the Student Services Building, Room 3109 from noon-1 p.m. Circle of Sisters will provide “network and support group discussions that embrace a positive self-image and offer support and understanding from other African American women.”

The Black Student Association will hold Day of Action! Feb. 15, starting at 4 p.m. in the Bayou Building, Room B1435 with Baldwin as the facilitator. This event will give everyone the chance to voice his or her advocacy ideas.

Stop by the Student Organization Room in the Student Services Building Feb. 16 at 5 p.m. for the Social Justice Dinner Dialogue. Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE) will provide “dinner and dialogue for students, staff and faculty to engage in critical conversations around the intersections of identity and social justice.”

Put your knowledge to the test Feb. 21 by competing in Black Culture Trivia for the chance to win prizes and gift cards. The Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be in the Bayou Building, Atrium I from 2-5 p.m. and will be giving away free shirts and food.

For more information, contact the Black Student Association, SLICE, the Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or Erika Garcia at [email protected]