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REVIEW: Knocked Loose aggressively unifies Houston hardcore scene

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Contributed by: Miles Shellshear, communication major

PHOTO: Hardcore band Knocked Loose performs at Warehouse Live March 6. Photo by The Signal Contributor Miles Shellshear, communication major.
Hardcore band Knocked Loose performs at Warehouse Live March 6. Photo by The Signal Contributor Miles Shellshear, communication major.

On March 6 at Warehouse Live in downtown Houston, eager fans line the block of St. Emanuel and Walker Street awaiting the performances of hardcore outfits Creeping Death, Year of the Knife, Jesus Piece, Terror and Knocked Loose.

Cole Crutchfield, rhythm guitarist for Knocked Loose, said that every show so far on their tour has been sold out and that it “means a lot that so many people want to come and see us play.”

Crutchfield also spoke to what Knocked Loose stood for as a band, stating that they are heavily anti-bigotry. He pointed to their debut 2016 album “Laugh Tracks” opens with a song titled “Oblivions Peak” in which frontman Bryan Garris tells the story of a friend who was kicked out of a fraternity for being gay.

As Knocked Loose took the stage, Garris dedicated the show to the now-closed Walter’s Downtown music venue. The band’s performance was rescheduled from Walter’s to Warehouse Live after the closure of the former home of the Houston hardcore scene in late February 2018.

Their set opened with a new and untitled track, likely from an upcoming project. Crutchfield could not give any specifics but said they are “working on new stuff.” The track was hard-hitting, fast-paced and opened up the set with high octane energy. They played the rest of their set uniformly, only stopping between songs a handful of times.

As the set went on, the music flowed together, connected by breakdowns of busy, buzzsaw guitar and bass tones. It was certainly a display of technical versatility on behalf of every member of the band, from challenging rhythms played by the drums, bass and guitars to the precisely screamed vocal melodies of Garris.

The crowd responded with the same ferocity as the tracks being played, violently diving from the stage, moshing into one another and screaming alongside the vicious cries of “I feel the pressure to be like you.” Many of the tracks played encouraged listeners to stay true to themselves and not give in to societal pressures.

People of all backgrounds and tastes attended this show, all of whom looked after one another and assured the safety and comfort of the environment, despite the undeniably assertive music that filled the air of that charming warehouse. It was the most aggressively unified environment since the closure of Walter’s. The music was incredibly passionate, stubborn, angry and liberating. Knocked Loose made Warehouse Live feel like a new home for every person involved in the Houston hardcore scene.

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This article is dedicated to the now-closed Walter’s Downtown music venue.

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