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Image: Brandi Rygaard, math major, studying for calculus by the UHCL letters. Photo by The Signal reporter Kyle Upton.


Since UHCL was originally founded as a non-traditional university, much has changed. With the addition of freshmen and sophomores has come even greater sense of diversity. So, are we the “typical” college students?

“I don’t believe we have a typical student; that’s what makes us so special!” said Interim Dean of Students David Rachita. “So I guess I’d say that our typical student is a-typical!”

Beyond all the statistics, how do the “typical” UHCL students describe themselves? When students were asked to use one word to do so, it became clear that most of us don’t see ourselves as “typical” college students.

Responses included: Committed. Determined. Driven. Creative. Passionate. Studious. Busy. Dedicated. Ambitious. Resilient. Strategic. Organized. Reliable. Smart.

Ultimately, we are the people of UHCL.

Text: People of UHCL Q&A - Inspired by the popular Humans of New York project, The Signal did some investigating to find out more about the people who embody UHCL.

THE UPTON FAMILY. From left: Kayla, alumna; Steve, alumnus; Kyle, current communication major; and Karen, alumna.

Ashley Gebhardt, sophomore, and Lee Ann Wheelbarger, administrative secretary for the School of Business, at the 2015 Harvest Festival.

Image: Karen Barbier, associate director of university communications-media relations, on her bike that she rides to work by the pond. Photo by The Signal reporter Kyle Upton.
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“I love the environment and I love the people. Everyone is so nice, and we have such a great administration.”

Associate Director of University Communications


Image: Sammi Sanders, UHCL Alumni sitting on a bench at Alvin Community College. Photo by The Signal reporter Kyle Upton.
Image: Austin Stout, Bachelors of Fine Arts, Sculpture posing by the sculptures at the Arbor Building. Photo by The Signal reporter Kyle Upton.