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Zach Person’s journey into music

Zach Person, Houston musician and former “American Idol” contestant, made time for an interview recently in anticipation of his show at University...

How to show off school spirit in style

In this video, I share a quick outfit of the day wearing UHCL’s school colors. Make sure to show off your school spirit every Wednesday and tag ...

Introducing #SignalStyle

I will be posting new fashion-related videos every Wednesday. Leave us any requests if there is anything in particular you would like to see in the se...

Editor gets ‘trashed’ at concert

The alt-rock band Garbage came to the Revention Music Center in Houston, TX Sept. 9 to promote their recently released album, "Strange Little Birds." ...

Rhyme of the modern metalhead

Five of the best metal bands from Houston performed Sept. 3 at Scout Bar. I have the opportunity to sit down with Green as Emerald, a band that came h...

One blogger’s journey into the many hearts of Houston

When I was a kid, I thought journalists were magicians. Or secret agents. I thought they went on all the best adventures to bring people information, ...

Valentine’s Day with the Winchesters

Everything seemed to be different today. Things seemed to be moving faster, the crowd was twice the size and everyone seemed super excited. And why wo...

Editor geeks out at Comicpalooza

As The Signal’s resident geek, I always fangirl out when I go to comic conventions, but this time, I hit the jackpot. Comicpalooza 2016 was held at ...

REVIEW: Is ‘Pokkèn Tournament’ worth checking out?

I have not done my homework this week because I was too focused on my mom telling me to turn off my Wii U.

Houston, we don’t have a problem!

In baseball, there are 162 games in a season. You can’t write off the Astros after 21 games. They will fix the mistakes that have plagued the teams...