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Sound Bytes: ‘Sail Away’ by Randy Newman

Randy Newman’s musical stylings may be more renowned when paired with the popular "Toy Story" franchise, but his potential as a songwriter far excee...

Did you know about the Meditation Room?

So another week has gone by and the stress is building up. There is only about five weeks left until the semester is over and I am feeling the pressur...

Houston Rockets primed for pursuit of the 2015-2016 NBA Championship

Going into the offseason after having a magical postseason run, yet falling short in the Western Conference Finals to the Golden State Warriors in fiv...

‘Scream Queens’ slashes the audience

I have not done my homework this week because I was busy binge watching the new television series “Scream Queens.”

Which era to wear today?

Consider the evolution of the fashion world: for many years, it was a limited choice between a pant, shirt or dress with divisive lines that confined ...

Episode #1: Couch bodyweight exercises

For the first video in the "Finding Time for Fitness" vlog series, I talk about three bodyweight exercises that can be done from home on the couch at ...

Houston gets buzzed with geek trivia

I have finally found the best local trivia and it's called Geeks Who Drink.

‘Help me J.J. Abrams. You’re my only hope’

With the upcoming release of the new Star Wars movie, and the ongoing release of the new Star Trek movies, the Trek vs Wars rivalry is back.

Did you know… about Career Services?

As a student at UHCL, I came upon the Career Services department, located in SSCB 3.109.

Did I really just get engaged?

I have not done my homework this week because I got engaged. Yes, that's right I got engaged this past week. Maybe it wasn’t a real engagement, but...