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UHCL got culture

I have not done my homework this week because I was too busy at UHCL's 20th annual Cultural Extravaganza.

My first convention with the ‘Supernatural’ family

Buying tickets to the Supernatural Houston Convention was worth every dollar! It was special, not only because it was my first con in the US, but also...

Mix it up: Don’t stick with a stale workout routine

Workout routines, we all try them, right?

How to be fashionable on a budget

Being on a budget should not take away from how much fun you can have updating your wardrobe.

Houston Texans release Foster to free agency

The Houston Texans parted ways with four-time Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster March 3. Foster’s constant durability issues led to his release.

Chris Hardwick: Educating the youth of America

As I was watching “Talking Dead” last night, a fan was sitting on the couch alongside the celebrity guests. This wasn’t just any zombie lover th...

A ’90s kid’s take on ’80s movies

The other night, I was attempting to do homework until I noticed one of my favorite movies, “Teen Wolf,” was on Netflix. This caused me to put a h...

Houston, we have a quarterback

March 3, the Texans lured quarterback Brock Osweiler from the 2016 Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. In what will possibly go down as one of the gu...

How to control and live with diabetes

Living with diabetes is hard — but it doesn’t have to be if you do what’s necessary to control it.

From the frontier to the wasteland

"Everybody loves you when you're six-foot in the ground."–John Lennon, "Nobody Loves You (When You're Down and Out)"