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One blogger’s journey into the many hearts of Houston

When I was a kid, I thought journalists were magicians. Or secret agents. I thought they went on all the best adventures to bring people information, ...

Valentine’s Day with the Winchesters

Everything seemed to be different today. Things seemed to be moving faster, the crowd was twice the size and everyone seemed super excited. And why wo...

Editor geeks out at Comicpalooza

As The Signal’s resident geek, I always fangirl out when I go to comic conventions, but this time, I hit the jackpot. Comicpalooza 2016 was held at ...

REVIEW: Is ‘Pokkèn Tournament’ worth checking out?

I have not done my homework this week because I was too focused on my mom telling me to turn off my Wii U.

Houston, we don’t have a problem!

In baseball, there are 162 games in a season. You can’t write off the Astros after 21 games. They will fix the mistakes that have plagued the teams...

Did you know about the Student Success Center?

This semester is beginning to become pretty hectic. Finals are coming up and this includes in-class presentations.

My secret life as Hunter the Hawk

I have not done my homework this week because I was too busy looking back at my time as Hunter The Hawk.

‘Supernatural’ family is a FAMdom

The second day of the "Supernatural" convention in Houston was a memorable experience. Events were held such as photo-ops, panel discussions and the "...

A shot at redemption

If someone told you that Michael Beasley would become the bright spot for the Rockets’ 2015-16 season, you'd probably laugh and call that person cra...

Writers kill characters and momentum

TV writers seem to be angering a lot of fans lately. Not only are they re-writing beloved story lines, but the scope is distorted and there are unnece...