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Nominate your favorite faculty for the Piper Award

It’s no secret among students that there’s a different culture at UHCL than there is at most universities.

What’s in a name?

Malori Bizzell The Signal Apple, Blanket and North are unique names that celebrities have given to their children. These names will stick with them fo...

Reflecting on Sept. 11, how far we’ve come

On the eve of the 12-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama addressed the nation about the possibility of a military strike on Syria. S...

Finals got you down?

Finals week is upon us at UHCL. If you are like me, this means you haven’t had a full night’s rest in a while, stress has become your middle name ...

Caffeine-Addicted E.coli to the Rescue

Could you live without caffeine? Just like your daily coffee and soda to get you going, a specially created type of E.coli needs it too. When you thin...

Food trucks debut at UHCL

Ready your appetites, food-lovers! Food trucks have made their way to UHCL. Right now, two food trucks are rotating Tuesdays from 11:00 A.M. To 3:00 P...

Austin’s Bag Ban: Keeping it weird

A ban on paper and plastic single-use bags within Austin took place March 1. Retailers in Austin are only able to offer reusable bags made from cloth,...

Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama will soon decide whether remaining portions of the Keystone XL Pipeline can push forward with construction, bringing Canadian crude di...

To speak freely, or not to speak freely… that is the question

Americans strongly believe and readily fight for their right to freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has been inundated with cases that involve free s...

Budget Cuts in Higher Education

Far-reaching changes in the Texas state budget have taken place since the deregulation of funding for higher education, leaving many students and pare...