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The Signal newspaper publishes a Literary Arts section as part of its Life and Arts page to provide an outlet for creativity on campus. Submissions in the areas of short stories, essays and poetry are accepted from students, faculty, staff and alumni.

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Each submission is reviewed by the student staff to determine if the contributed material is suitable for publication in The Signal:

  • The word length for essays and short stories is 1,000 words or less. Poetry should run approximately 40-50 lines maximum.
  • The Signal will not knowingly publish material that is deemed libelous, contains inaccuracies (in works of nonfiction), is advertorial in nature, and/or includes grammatical errors (not artistically deliberate) to the point of distraction. In works of fiction, these standards may be relaxed for artistically justified reasons.
  • Accepted material will not be edited prior to publication by the staff, but authors may be asked to revise work as a condition of acceptance.
  • Authors may submit an image to accompany the work by utilizing the attachment feature in the submission form located below or by emailing the image to The Signal editors at thesignal@uhcl.edu. All images must be at least 800 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall in order to be used.
  • All submitted contributions must not violate laws of plagiarism or copyright.
  • All content published in The Signal includes author’s name and title.
  • Please note that The Signal does not publish in the summer (May – August).


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'The Hawk and the Handsaw'

Contributed by: John Gorman, retired professor of literature

When the wind is Southerly, I know a Hauke from a hand saw


Spring is the season for writers—and so are the other three.
A Hawk is a bird of predation, and makes a good simile
For that seizing of life at its meaning—that constitutes Art
And why would a Hawk need a Handsaw? That’s the craftspersonly part.
It’s for cutting a line free of verbiage, when verbiage hath grown o’erblown.
A Hawk needs a wrench for syntax, when out a line’s back been has thrown.
An Authorial Hawk plots with carpenter’s chalk, spirals of falconish flight.
The Haiku Hawk wields the fire and the wok geared to the searing bite.
Hawk vessels of art need injections of caulk to sail fictional seas aright.
A Hawk is a bird of portent, of Zeus-like insinuation.
The SIGNAL is adding Lit’rary Arts to its on-line publication.

A Concluding Hortatory Cheer
Arise and squawk, O fabled Hawk
‘Til the Muses gape and the Graces gawk
Avoid cliché, but . . . walk the walk
Ever onward, never balk
For you make Magic out of Talk.