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Reported campus sexual assaults has more than doubled in past 15 years

A recent study done by the Association of American Universities found that 23 percent of more than 150,000 female university students surveyed in the U.S. said that they experienced nonconsensual sexual contact during their college experience.


Emma Sulkowicz is a senior visual arts student at Columbia University. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Sexual assault on college campuses

Do you know what to do if you, or someone you know, are sexually assaulted on campus? Do you know what resources are available, what is Title IX, or who can you talk to for more information?


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The Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival returns

The Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival (GCFVF) is back and ready for its 18th season in Houston.


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What the commercials never told you about Apple vs. Galaxy

Let’s be honest guys, waiting to get a hold of Apple’s new iPhone 7 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is similar to waiting for a girl to finish her shopping spree, counting every minute on the clock for that particularly painful class to be over or, in my case, waiting for my girl J. Lo to answer back to my tweets.