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  • Cartoon: The same extraordinary powers that the superheroes Cyclops and Daredevil possess prove to be obstacles at the eye doctor. During a check up, Cyclops' laser vision breaks through the wall and Daredevil trips over glasses displays. Cartoon created by The Signal reporter Amanda Beard.

    Embracing one’s disadvantages is pretty super

    In honor of October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it is important to acknowledge that there are members of society who, although do not meet society’s definition of normal, still have many attributes that can rival any potential superpower.
  • Graphic: The struggle of servers to obtain a tip is displayed by the server providing great service to dining guests by being fast, comical and juggling plates for them. At the end he only receives a dollar tip.

    To tip or not to tip

    Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant business can attest to the hectic work schedule, the demanding customers and the heartbreak of receiving a less than satisfactory tip for the superior service you provided.
  • Graphic: Stop Stupidity themed stop sign. Graphic created by The Signal reporter Allie Smith.

    Hawks against half-wits

    Humans are supposed to be the evolved species, but sometimes people do things that make me wonder if they were dropped on their heads as children.